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The findings do not negate the detection of hydrated salts by MRO, and liquid water may still play a role in the formation and seasonal evolution of RSL streaks, according to the paper. But, similar to a 2016 study, they contend the hypothesis that the water comes from beneath the surface. The authors propose that the water detected in the RSL is sucked from the thin Martian atmosphere, rather than supplied by underground reserves. The increase in hydration could cause changes in the granular material on these slopes that triggers some of the flow that creates the dark streaks. The dark regions could also be the result of "changes in hydration," according to the statement. "Full understanding of RSL is likely to depend upon on-site investigation of these features," said MRO Project Scientist Rich Zurek. He noted, however, that if scientists could visit these RSL sites, they would still take precautions to prevent accidental contamination of the sites with Earth-based microbes. In other words, scientists will not completely rule out the possibility that microbes could be living in these RSL just yet. Zurek added that "a full explanation of how these enigmatic features darken and