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Mr Bercow said: "Ministers could, with advantage, have been considerably clearer in their statements - particularly in challenging lines of questioning in select committees which were based upon a genuine misconception." But he said the test for contempt had not been met.discount uggs Some MPs also wanted Mr Davis reprimanded for contempt over claims he had dragged his feet over the publication of the reports after Parliament had ordered him to do so on 1 November. The Speaker said: "While it was most regrettable the Secretary of State - a point I made to him privately, I now state publicly - unilaterally excised some material from the papers which he provided, and that it took so long to provide the papers, I also feel bound to pay due attention to the formerly recorded view of the (Exiting the European Union Select Committee) that the Secretary of State had complied with the order of November 1." A secure reading room has been established to allow MPs and peers to read the impact statements - but Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston said they should be released to the public.

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